Living Well Planner by Living Well Spending Less


No other planner is designed to help you organize your schedule, take control of your finances, plan your meals, and CRUSH your goals, all in the same place. Whether you are a working professional, a stay-at-home mom, a motivated college student, or even a small business owner, the Living Well Planner® is designed to help you easily manage ALL of the pieces of your busy life (not just your schedule!).

Better yet, when you order today, get a FREE mug PLUS a mystery gift with your floral planner purchase. It’s a $22.50 value, and just our small way of helping you get your life--and your budget--on track this year.


"I purchased this planner last year and fell in LOVE! As a teacher and mom, I have tried many; but this one kept all my financial, goal setting, and scheduling needs in one place. Perfect price, perfect size, perfect layout for a perfect planner! Thank you!"

— Melissa


Do you ever crave a little more balance? And do you ever wish you had permission to make your own goals and dreams a priority? 

Me too. 

As a busy wife, mom, author, and small business owner, I feel that unrelenting pressure every single day as I work to balance the demands of my job with the needs of my family.  

I wanted to find a resource that could help me bring order to the chaos, a tool that could help me not only plan my days, but help me keep track of my budget, plan my meals, organize my schedule, and—most importantly—help me CRUSH my goals.  

But I couldn’t find it. So I decided to create it instead. 

And the Living Well Planner® was born.


And I give you permission to make yourself a priority in 2019.

Because I know what it is like to be BUSY, and to feel like life is spinning out of control, and more than anything, I want to help you create practical solutions to eliminate the overwhelm that has been filling up your life and getting you off track.

In my own life, I have seen what a difference taking the time to plan and focus on my long-term goals can make, and I wanted to create a resource that could help me better manage my time, money, and responsibilities. I have no doubt that it will make a difference for you too. 


Long Term Goals

Identify your biggest long-term goals and priorities, then break them down into manageable bites.

Year at a Glance

Gain an overview of your year at a glance, so that you can plan out the big picture and avoid the tyranny of the urgent.

Hour-by-Hour Scheduling 

Weekly planning & time-blocking made easier with a vertical layout and room for hour-by-hour appointment scheduling.

Budget Like A Boss

Implement a monthly cash flow budget so that you can tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.

Monthly Goals

Identify things that are most important to help you overcome the overwhelm.

Goal Crushing

Our exclusive CRUSH IT formula — a monthly step-by-step blueprint for crushing every goal you set. 

Planning Made Easy

Plan your meals and shopping list on the same page as your weekly schedule so that you can see your whole week at a glance. 

Project Planning

A simple way to keep track of your projects and increase your productivity with this powerful project planning tool.


"For the last few years I have been searching for one that will hold up to all of my needs professionally, personally and financially. Well, ladies, this is it! This planner is WELL worth the price. There is a place for everything, including the daily to do's. It is definitely worth the price due to what you get."

— Taylor


The Living Well Planner® is designed to help you organize your whole life, not just your schedule. It will inspire and enable you to take back your time in a purposeful way, allowing you to focus on your long-term goals while navigating the daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities of running your home. From budgeting to meal-planning, it is the sanity saver we’ve all been waiting for. 

"WOW! I’m busy with my home life, family, blog, freelancing and more. This planner is an amazing “one stop shop” for getting your life together in an organized fashion. I HIGHLY suggest buying this planner. I’m so excited and this game changer is having a huge impact on my life. Thanks, Ruth and team!"

— Kelley


YES! We weren't kidding, It's MORE than a pretty planner.

We realize a planner isn't going to transform your life. You need a plan, you need support and accountability, as well as the permission to make your own dreams a priority. The Living Well Planner was designed especially for YOU: your heart, your dreams, your goals. It is more than a planner, it's an entire system devoted to teaching you how to plan and achieve a life you love. 

Every purchase of the Living Well Planner includes the tools, support, and instruction you need to help implement a system in your own life. It starts with Crushing It™ Central. We’ll also enroll you in our Crushing It™ Bootcamp. Finally, you’ll also get access to the Crushing It™ Community.

Crushing It™ Central 

You'll get FREE access to an exclusive, members-only center to help you get the most use out of every single page. Packed full of motivational and inspirational videos, a printable library, plus so much more.

Crushing It™ Bootcamp

You'll get a series of emails that will guide you step-by-step on how to set up your planner to maximizing its effectiveness in your life. 

Crushing It™ Community 

You'll be invited to a private Facebook group available only to Living Well Planner users, where you can connect with other like-minded women and get the support and accountability you need to succeed.

"As a perfectionist, my biggest challenge tends to be allowing myself to make the planner messy (as it is intended to be used every day and not just blank and pristine). I've switched to the Living Well Planner®, and it REALLY helped me to hear Ruth in a video say: it's supposed to be used and messy and dog-eared. Somehow, that made me feel free to make mistakes and give myself grace."

— Angie


The secret's out, and the LivingWell Planner® is now so popular that we can hardly even keep it in stock! Our next shipment will be the last before the end of the year, and quantities are limited. Don't miss your chance to get the sanity saving Living Well Planner® for just $49--order yours today. 

Our fresh new signature floral cover design features a refreshed interior with brand new patterns, along with a few other updates we think you'll love! You can check out the planner in 3D HERE.

Choose from our most popular planner bundle options below.



a $71.50 value!

  • Get Organized & LOVE Your Life
  • Fresh floral cover 
  • 7.5 x 9.5" | 230 undated pages printed in full color
  • 100+ colorful stickers bound in the back of the planner
  • FREE access to: Crushing It™ Central, Crushing It™ Bootcamp, Crushing It™ Community
  • FREE glass Do It Scared™ Mug
  • FREE Mystery Gift!



a $80 value!

  • Get Organized & LOVE Your Life
  • Fresh floral cover 
  • 7.5 x 9.5" | 230 undated pages printed in full color
  • 100+ colorful stickers bound in the back of the planner
  •  Additional sticker set with more than 300 stickers.
  • FREE access to: Crushing It™ Central, Crushing It™ Bootcamp, Crushing It™ Community 
  • FREE glass Do It Scared™ Mug
  • FREE Mystery Gift!



a $202 value!

  • For those who want it ALL!
  • Fresh floral cover 
  • 7.5 x 9.5" | 230 undated pages printed in full color
  • 100+ colorful stickers bound in the back of the planner 
  • Includes additional stickers, as well as our organizational sticky notes, 2 Pilot G2 Gel Pens, and our Love Your Life Mug. 
  • Collection also includes our LWSL Signature Tote and LWSL striped clutch.
  • FREE access to: Crushing It™ Central, Crushing It™ Bootcamp, Crushing It™ Community
  • FREE glass Do It Scared™ Mug
  • FREE Mystery Gift!

"The Living Well Planner® provided me with the opportunity to actually make and keep my goals, for the first time EVER! I also love that it has meal planning, budgeting, and so many other sections all in one book. With 4 kids, hubbs, and a dog, life is crazy, but my planner is my little sanity-check each day."

— Nichole


What new changes have been made to the planner this year?  

When it first debuted in 2015, we knew the Living Well Planner® had the potential to be life changing. In the years since, the feedback we have received has been pretty incredible. This amazing tool really has changed lives! But we also knew we could do even better. And so we’ve continued to refine.  

Here are just a few of the improvements that we’ve made this year:  

  • THICKER PAPER: We took it from 70# weight to 100# weight, a dramatic difference for increased durability, giving you an even higher quality planner experience.  
  • REFINED DESIGN: In addition to our new floral cover option, we’ve updated our interior with pretty-yet-sophisticated florals, stripes, and navy accents. It’s the same planner you know & love, just a little more grown up.  
  • CUSTOMIZABLE MONTHLY PLANNING SPREAD: Because some people prefer a traditional Sunday start monthly calendar, while others prefer a Monday start to match the work week! Since our customers have always been split down the middle on this issue, we decided to make it work for everyone! Your planner now comes with an additional set of stickers to make your monthly calendar work for you. 
  • IMPROVED GOAL CRUSHING & PROJECT PLANNING PAGES: Our exclusive Goal Crushing® system has transformed the way our planner users get things done, and so many of our users report that these two pages—found in each and every monthly section—are their very favorite part of the entire planner. Even so, we knew we could make them even better and more intuitive, and so we did! We promise they will rock your world!  

As always, the Living Well Planner is printed in full color, and comes undated so that you can begin using it at any time. It offers space for planning out the year, as well as monthly goal-setting and monthly budget pages. It also includes labels for customizing your planner, including wrap-around monthly tab stickers that actually help reinforce the tabs while allowing you to easily find the month you are looking for. 

What comes with the Living Well Planner®?  

When you purchase the Living Well Planner®, you are not JUST getting a pretty calendar--you are getting a whole-life organizing system! And we want to make SURE you know how to use it so that you can maximize your results and actually see all the benefits we promise.

That’s why your purchase of the Living Well Planner® includes FREE access to our member-only resources: Our Crushing It™ Central membership site, where you’ll find helpful training videos that will help you get organized, get your budget in order, and become a better goal setter, as well as our Crushing It™ Bootcamp--a 10 day email series that will show you exactly how to set up and use your planner--and the Crushing It™ Community private Facebook Group.  

What month does the planner start?

The Living Well Planner® comes undated so that you can begin using it at any time. It comes with a handy label set that you can use to customize your divider tabs to create the perfect planner just for you.

When will I get my planner?

Planners will be ship 2-3 days after the order is placed. Due to the nature of printing and manufacturing, quantities are extremely limited. 

We strongly recommend ordering as soon as possible to guarantee your copy, as all planner orders are shipped out in the order they are received.

Is the Limited Edition Planner still available?

We have a small quantity of our Limited Edition Blue & White Striped planner still available, which you can find HERE. Our Multi-Stripe is currently sold out.

Is there a way to see all the pages in the planner?

Yes! The Living Well Planner® is printed in full color, with beautiful pages that will keep you inspired all year long. It includes space for long-term goals, planning your year at a glance, important dates and contact info, as well as monthly goal setting & project planning, monthly 2-page budget spreads, weekly planning pages with space for meal-planning, lots of note pages, and so much more.  

To flip through all these pages in 3D, you can use our planner viewing tool HERE. However, please note that the 3D model still shows last year's interior patterns!

What is your refund policy?

We understand that committing to a planner is a big decision, and we want you to feel confident with your purchase. Please take the time to review all our photos in detail, as well as to confirm that the size and dimensions will suit your needs, as all planner sales, unless damaged or defective, are final once shipped.